About us

The Company

SpirOps is a company fully dedicated to research and development in artificial intelligence.

Its model in which the freedom of research subjects (whether applied or fundamental) and industrial development for application purposes are mixed, is quite unique.

Over the years since 2004 we have refined our research to focus mainly on the modelling of human intelligence; the central research topic has become 'understanding'; in other words, modelling the 'conscious' functioning of the human brain, as opposed to 'unconscious' or 'involuntary' functioning such as image perception or sound recognition.

SpirOps Headquarters

8, passage de la bonne graine
75011 PARIS
RDC Cour

Metro: Ledru Rollin

The Team

SpirOps Team
SpirOps Team
Axel Buendia - Co Founder
Axel Buendia - Co-Founder
Jerome Hoibian - Co Founder
Jerome Hoibian - Co-Founder
Denis Rafin - Associate
Denis Rafin - Associate - Autonomous Vehicule Team
William Ledoux - Autonomous Vehicule Team
William Ledoux - Associate - Autonomous Vehicule Team
Benoît Legrand - Crowd Behaviors Team
Benoît Legrand - Crowd Simulation Team
Edouard Emberger - Language & Dialog Team
Edouard Emberger - Memory & Dialog Team
Thibaut Gaudin - Procedural Animation Team
Thibaut Gaudin - Procedural Animation Team
The SpirOps Virtual Reality Cave
The Virtual Reality basement
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