SPIROPS A.I SDK / SPIROPS A.I EDITOR SpirOps AI Graphical SDK adds Behavioral Artificial Intelligence to video games and interactive simulations.

Combinatorial linear complexity, better workflow flexibility and better Game Designer/Game Developper interactions are a few of the principal assets that makes SpirOps AI an outstanding way of development.
SPIROPS PATH and GRAPH GENERATOR TOPOLOGICAL ANALYSIS / PATHFINDING / NAVIGATION GRAPH SpirOps Path Generator is a powerful topological analysis tool that allows massive crowd simulations.

SpirOps Path Generator analyzes in a few seconds any 3D environment and places collision information and paths, so that an AI driven character can find his way. The 3D environment can be several kilometers wide, and can have several levels. With SpirOps Graph Generator, each AI driven character knows exactly, from any position, where he can go, and how to go there.
SPIROPS CROWD CROWD BEHAVIORS / SIMULATION / AI SpirOps Crowd is a set of "brains" libraries taking care of several common behaviors of a neutral character within a crowd, from a few people to several thousands of them. Each character of the crowd can move, avoid obstacles and other moving characters.

The "brains" libraries of SpirOps Crowd can be used as a main ingredient to create any kind of sophisticated behavior of a character in a crowd.